JERITEX is a potential new global digital asset trading platform that will combine CEX and DEX with the purpose of bringing to traders good exchange, great service, cheap trading fee, fast and safety. JERITEX is concentrating on developing apps, a new blockchain platform, smart contract 2.0 and Metaverse NFTs.

JERITEX currently has over 500,000 registered users and has been growing to become a best community with many investors and traders which promote the new tokens and coins. JERITEX already published our application in NFT payment gateway via E-commerce built tokens based on BSC platform and having many partners built the same platform on Game NFT, Metaverse NFT, DEX, E-learning, etc.

To encourage the liveliness of the community, JERITEX always aims to partner with project teams which are able to bring more active users as TigerPro, Jerry Education, Metaland, Sunflower, etc. … In addition, JERITEX was specifically built with the aim and features to make new projects successful. JERITEX has a series of features and a lower Listing fee, especially support IEO, IDO, listing and Flash sale projects which would be a perfect match for new projects like Defi NFTs, Metaverse, DefiGame, Megaverse.

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